Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tomorrow is Rusty's 51Birthday. Mom and Charlie, Mark and Maria, our friend Doug, Britney and Family and Ammy and Naomi are coming for Nathan's award winning ribs. My mouth is salivating for them already. We have been busy at work, and we just took over the Baker Hughes Mud warehouse which Britney is helping us to take care of. She and Nate are a big help to us. I will post pictures from his birthday tomorrow. Love you all, take care.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My honey!

was a very hard day at work!

Dazed and confused

Fake smile!

kids and grandkids

Cheyenne in cheerleading uniform. She cheers for the Aztec Bulldogs.

Matt's fifth birthday party!

our son-in-law Nathan. We love him so much!

Matt and Cheyenne in their halloween costumes at Matt's birthday party.

Our daughter Ammy and Naomi.

Our granddaughters Naomi and Ezra

Our son David and his family:Cassandra, Gavin Ezra, Xavier, and the latest edition Viola

This is our Challenger project. It was just a shell when we first bought it. It had bulletholes down the side of it! It was the star in the movie Drive!

This is our new baby! #5

I don't really want a blog but my daughter says I need one. So here goes: We have been married for five years and five months. We were just sealed in the Albuquerque temple on May 2, finally! We own a trucking company, Hathcock oilfield service. We stay extremely busy! Between us we have 5 kids and 8 grandchildren. We also have one indoor cat and about 20 outdoor cats along with a family of racoons and skunks. We are currently restoring a 73 Challenger and a 78 little red express truck! I can't wait until they are finished! We are going to take them to Mopars at the strip next year and race each other to see who wins! It had better be me! Well that's enough for now!